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Ice Skating Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation formed in 1994.  Our mission: "To promote, teach, and regulate ice sports and competitions directed at developing and improving the skills and capabilities of our youth, which will result in an enjoyable and positive impact on their lives as well as those of the community."

Ice Skating Inc. serves as the parent organization for the Grand Valley Youth Hockey Association.


  • As you may know, it has been reported in the local press that the Glacier Ice Arena will be reopening in November, 2013!  We can't wait!  Stay tuned!

    ISI is a not-for-profit organization with one goal: to promote ice sports in the Grand Valley.  We look forward to Glacier's reopening and remain very committed to a positive working relationship with the Glacier's owners and management.


    Your voice can be heard!  Let the City Council Members know that it is time to invest in Grand Junction's FUTURE, it is time to invest in Grand Junction's YOUTH.  Let them know our children need a recreation alternative that teaches teamwork and respect.  Let them know that our youth need a recreation alternative that teaches Western Colorado values.  Let them know our youth need a place to ice skate!

    Whether it's the City purchase of the Glacier, the City's support of the Glacier reopening, or including an ice rink in Matchett Park, let them know that for once you'd like to see your hard-earned tax dollars invested in a project that will yield REAL dividends for our community!

    Click THIS LINK to send an email to all the Grand Junction City Council members and let them hear you!  Tell them to stop investing in the past, and start investing in our community's future.

    Questions about checking out or returning ISI rental Ice Hockey equipment?  Contact ISI Board Member Jason Holm .

    Questions about how you can help ISI put our kids back in the ice?  Contact ISI Board President Treve Henwood.

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